Socially-conscious writing for brands who want to be relevant and impactful in a world going through a revolution. 

After spending her life in New York, Lee moved to Vancouver for university, and stayed for the mountains. She has been mortuary professional for the last three years, and is currently finishing her degree in biological sciences. While she deeply loves her career in death care, writing has been an integral part of her for almost twenty years. She has written for various publications, and has worked as a ghostwriter and copywriter for a multitude of brands. In 2020, she made the decision to formally start her company with the goal of providing copywriting services to brands who not only want to thrive, but become progressive and socially conscious in a world that is fighting to change for the better.

Lee is married with two kids, four pets, and too many plants. She is an intersectional feminist who is proud to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community; her identity is an important part of her life and gives unique perspective in her writing. She believes in fighting for our world and the people in it, and that the power of words can change the course of history. They can even start a riot.