My name is Lee, and I’m the force behind CopyRiot.

I've been told I'm a force to behold, and it's probably true. Aside from being deeply passionate about social justice, I have spent the last ten years doing ghostwriting and copywriting for various brands and institutions, and am frequently featured as a writer for a number of publications (see my list of work here). Writing has been a passion of mine since I could first hold a pen, and I have fond memories of giving my grandmother a headache from the countless hours spent on my first very loud, very old typewriter. I went to university for journalism (until life took me down the mortuary path, more on that later), and first gained experience, both as a writer and editor, within local newspapers before branching off into online publications.

Change starts with a riot.

I started CopyRiot because not only have I loved writing for myself and for others, I’m in love with the idea that small acts can be a form of rioting, and change happens on a micro-level. It starts with one person, one company, one brand. It starts over cold cups of coffee and a notepad, and epiphanies felt after attending a protest or a pride festival. Brands used to stay silent or neutral, with the hope of keeping as many clients as possible. But that’s no longer an option if you want to stay successful and increase profits. No, you shouldn’t pick a side just for the sustainability of your business, but you can make money while also staying on the right side of history.

I enter the picture because I know how to put into words the feelings you have as an individual and a brand. I come from one of the most diverse cities in the world, and I’ve spent my life fighting for my rights as a non-binary, queer person. I also have children that give me a determination every day to keep pushing and growing, so that they can someday be safer than we are now.

So why hire me?

In addition to building your content with a unique perspective:

  • I care about your brand. I care about your success and growth, and believe strongly in working together to nurture the best version of who you are.
  • I have an eye for detail and don’t like to cut corners. I will do what it takes to achieve a result you can be proud of.
  • From one business owner to another, I understand the need to profit and build financial success. Everything I do for you will keep your profit goals in mind.
  • I understand what audiences need because simply put, I’m living the same life many of them are. I know what they want, because I want it, too.

So let’s get started.

Reach out to me here and let’s get you started on shaping your brand for growing revenue, and being part of a better future for you and your clients.